"Permission To Make Myself Scarce, Sir!"

by Jan Geronimo on February 2, 2009

The longestImage by dhammza via Flickr

Just to let you know I have not stood you up.

I’m here. I have shown up.

It’s just that I feel like a retard today. It’s all too tempting to make a fool of myself today by braving on and writing 500 hundred words which signify nothing. But playing the dunce is getting old for me so I’d spare you and me the embarrassment. As my good friend Oscar Wilde used to say, “I am not young enough to know everything.”

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  • Jan
    @Dee: That was yesterday! I could have trotted out my good taste in poetry. :) Silent Poetry Reading is perfect for blogs. I just might post a poem, after the fact. :)

    Kathleen is a terrific writer and kind soul. And I'm a star-struck puppy. Hehehe.

    Thanks. Very perceptive of you.
  • Dee
    Great discussion here. Love the repartee between you and Kathleen. I like the picture too, serene and speaks a thousand words. Oh, and if it would help and you're interested, Feb. 2 happens to be the annual bloggers Silent Poetry Reading where bloggers can post their favorite poems in their site. You may check this out (it's the source which another blogger pointed out in her blog): http://thestairlanding.blogspo...
  • Jan
    @T Edwards: Yeah, I saw you coming that's why. :) I was stumped yesterday, is all. Hehehe.
  • T Edwards
    My first time here and you're leaving? I hope it wasn't something I said!

    Talk to you soon,

  • Jan
    @Jesse: Come on, you're a blogger on steroids. :)
  • Jesse
    Man! My brain's still loading.
  • Jan
    @kathleen: You make it sound sublime. And come to think of it, it well could be so. Well then, tomorrow is another day. Will show up at this same spot, same time, ready to chase my tail if necessary. :)
  • kathleenmaher
    Jan, I hope you're back tomorrow, eager to "signify nothing." Lack of meaning has a beauty of its own. And, playing the fool is imperative if we're going to continue living.
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