Blog Contests To Help You Become a Better Writer

by Jan Geronimo on April 15, 2009

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I’ve compiled a list of blog contests and projects to help you become a better writer or blogger.

Blog Contests

1. Be a ninja blogger. Enter Terry Heath’s Win a Blog Boosting Brouhaha contest to help you execute those deft ninja moves for bloggers . Five winners will be chosen. Terry will personally coach the winners via YM, Skype or Gmail Chat to help them overcome the issues they have with blogging. A private consultation like this can easily set you back $120. So do yourself a favor and join. To qualify you only need to -

* Write a short post about your issues about blogging with a link to Bloggity before April 18.

* Send Terry a link to your post or leave it in the comment section of his blog.

2. If you publish poetry, short stories, web novels and posts about writing you can submit them as entries to Woof Contest at These must be original and already published in your blog between March 27 and April 17, 2009. Winners are chosen by member votes. No prizes in this bi-weekly writing contest but winners will get link love and bragging rights – participants are required to write a post about the winners in their own blog.

3. Be a master blogger, not master procrastinator. Join Procrastination Saver Contest to make you hurdle your time management problems. Dan Miranda of Command Your Time will coach you via Gmail chat, email or IM. His only requirement is that you write about this contest, link to Dan’s blog or send him an email about your entry.

Win a Free Problogger Book

This is a twitter contest by Dan Miranda. To win this great book by Darren Rowse and Chris G you only need to follow Dan at Twitter to qualify. Winner will be chosen by draw through

Noteworthy Blog Projects

The following blog authors are not holding blog contests – at least not yet – but they are giving away great products, services and exposure to your blog:

1. Joanna Young of Confident Writing is offering free coaching lessons to help you be more confident in writing. Joanna will also help you to make your blog more professional. Signing up for her program is rather easy – you just have to be a reader of her blog to qualify.

2. Jena Isle of Gewgaw Writings invites you to submit your inspirational stories to her blog. Chosen entries will be part of a book Jena will be publishing in August. She’s giving away Entrecard credits to authors whose creative work are chosen. They will also be featured on Gewgaw Writings with a link to the authors’ blog.

3. Corey Freeman of Outstanding Writer will be giving away a copy of The Lazy Writer’s Guide to Writing Persuasively. The only requirement is that you subscribe to Corey’s newsletter. Watch out for Corey’s upcoming contest. The author of beginner writer’s guide to better writing will be giving away a Moleskin notebook and a copy of Outstanding Writer theme.

4. Darren Rowse’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blogging Challenge is still open. Don’t worry even if you just sign up today. You can still study at your own pace. Of course, if you did not join you can still check out the activities in Darren’s blog. Thing is, you will not be able to join the forum set up just for this program. Thus, you will miss out networking, learning and having fun with over 11 thousand people who have signed up so far.

My Issues in Blogging

This is part of the requirement in joining Terry’s contest. That’s why I’m including this in my post.

I’ve been a constant visitor to Terry’s superb blog because I need to learn more about writing. I really do. Because I need to be an uber blogger when I grow up.

But that’s not enough to please Terry. Now he wants me to learn some serious ninja moves, too. Okay, I need to learn the following:

1. My true love. I need some love advice. Why do I blog? Do I blog because I just need a place to come home to? Do I blog because I need validation? Am I just a peacock who’s in love with my own feathers? Should I teach other peacocks how to strut their stuff? Or should this peacock just offer his services to the online community.

2. SEO. What a strange language SEO is. I’m praying this arcane stuff will go the way of Latin – much revered but safely tucked away. There’s no escaping it, I know. I’ve wasted four months running from it. It’s my only work out, but I’m willing to give up running. Have to deal with it now.

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  • and Roy, it was through Roy that I discovered your blog.
    .-= Jena Isle´s last blog ..A Zany Cinquain from Zorlone - A Replay of His First Poems! =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Ahahaha. Ang laki pala ng utang na loob ko kay Roy. Thanks, Roy.

    Roy's behavior then used to puzzle me. There was a time he was a regular reader. Then I had tagged him with a blog award or meme - couldn't tell now which one. Aba, after that, he hardly visited na.

    Thought to myself: Ano ba, pa award award pa akong nalalaman. Nabawasan tuloy ang reader ko. Right there, I've began to conceive of a way not to offend those who'd been giving me citations. I'd thank them sincerely, but will only post about them if I can bend them to the requirements of my blog.

    Doc Z and I are not so different on this matter. The only difference is that he has this widget on his sidebar. I wish had that too in those days.

    Well, Roy came back. And never once did I spook him again with a pesky blog award. It's enough he's visiting - no more scaring the guy away. And perfect! Roy elected to stay. Ahahaha.

    Yoohoo! ",)
  • Roy
    haha! there's that blog award thing again, hehe

    I assure you, Jan, it wasn't the reason ;)
  • Yes, it was also the date that you featured my blog. And urged Z to go visit this "awesome" writer -that's you! lol. It was the first time I had read through a post bola ha, and I wanted to share this good news with him.
    .-= Jena Isle´s last blog ..A Zany Cinquain from Zorlone - A Replay of His First Poems! =-.
  • Going over these comments makes me smile. Parang kelan lang..he he he. nag-sen-senti. Those were the days.
    .-= Jena Isle´s last blog ..A Zany Cinquain from Zorlone - A Replay of His First Poems! =-.
  • Jan Geronimo
    Yeah, parang kailan lang nga. Now I know April 16 was the fateful date that Doc Z first commented on my blog.

    That during that time I was beside myself with excitement. Would I win Rocky's contest? Would I get my own WP blog? I should have relaxed and slept na lang my excitement. But that's life - we're all geniuses after the fact. ",)

    At this early date, close na pala kami ni Roy. Emailing for help - Roy, what's that link nga? Please help nga? And Roy would oblige. Fast. And so promptly that it surprised me, too. Ano ba itong si Roy - parang kapitbahay ko lang.

    And I remembered asking myself. Who's this Zorlone guy that keeps checking my blog. Is he here because he really wants to know me? Or is he here on behalf of somebody else - perhaps someone who wanted to know what I'm up to?

    I've gained some readers by then. But then I still can't get used to it that people would return and read again. I'm so used to being alone and just writing for myself. ahahaha.

    Now, not a day passes, when I don't check Twitter - now, where exactly are you people? Why aren't you there? Where is Roy? Where is Doc Z? If Doc Z is not having siesta - where the hell is he?

    Oh my, so many things have happened. I hope it continues to be good for all of us. You're right, it's wonderful to look back or turn back the pages a little. ",)
  • jan
    We just choose the contest that fits our blog. For example, I can't join all contests even if the prizes are big and fabulous. They usually ask to write a blog post about this contest right?

    Well, I'd write a post about it if it's related to writing, blogging and the social media. If not, sorry na lang.

    Of course, the mother of all blog contest is still rocky's free wordpress blog. Hays, two more days till announcement of the winner. I can't breathe. hahahaha. Help!

    I know, what you'll say, "Hika lang yan, bro!"

  • elmot
    add me ryan... if i only have all the time and the world... and more precious...great internet connection without the hassles of a great network admin

    Recent blog post: A Kiss of Death to Lady Justice
  • Jan
    @Dee: What is it - you're writing a book? That's great, Dee.

    We have a visitation the other day. And he's quite a hit here - he calls himself Luke the Skywalker. And tempting Yatot and me and every one to come join the dark side. Should we relent? He's offering chocolates. Yatot is hopeless. He's gone over the dark side, chocs unseen.

    @zorlone: As long as you're not in the kidney market, I think I'm safe with you. Will be back tomorrow. My list-post-addled brain was quite surprised, but it has now fully recovered from the unexpected gift. I consider every pleasurable reading as a personal gift from the author.
  • zorlone

    Now you know why my expertise is in Biology. LOL! Thanks a lot! I really appreciate the vote.

  • Dee
    Oh, just what I need - help to improve my writing. Truth is that lately, I've been thinking of tackling that writing book I never got around to read. So this is perfect timing. Thanks.
  • Jan
    @dan: That's one great thing about blog posts. You can update, edit, tweak, and even put it in the garbage bin - but I don't do this. I even let my ugly ones to fend for themselves.

    It's getting close, Dan. I'm excited, nervous, anxious.

    @Roy: Well, I know now how best to reach you. My instinct was spot on. Use email quick, told myself.

    Gee, how did you know that? Do you have your ears glued to the ground, too?

    I treat Rocky as a buddy. So when he asked for a suggestion - I thought to myself: look, your the first commenter. Set the tone for the rest of the commenters by being candid.

    And I did. But made light of it - even my own suggestions/critique.

    Now, I've this suspicion some people there are checking: who's this guy, giving Rocky a mouthful of unsolicited critique when he's blogspot blogger for crying out loud.

    But that's a passing thought. And even if I do, it will do me a lot of good to remember your wife's wise words. It's still ringing in my ears, Roy.
  • Roy
    hehe... it just goes to i'm more comfortable in my e-mail than it twitterville

    either that or i just don't want to be limited by 140 characters :)

    by the way, congratulations on winning the best suggestion contest.

    being candid and prank pays off after all ;)
  • Dan Miranda
    I can't help but to thank you twice, as you've mentioned my two blog contests.

    Like I've said before: I just can't wait until you get transferred to bigger and better things - Wordpress, own domain name, etc.
  • Jan
    @yatot: Busy for blog contest. But of course I know that by now. Deadlines to meet. Work related and personal. Plus you're polishing up your aria a la Susan Boyle, I suspect.
  • Jan
    @zorlone: Cool expertise. The journalism thing has its uses, but I don't let it stand in the way of my having fun. And dealing with new found friends.

    @joji: Only you can pull that off. Perhaps you should teach me another trick - writing lean posts, pretty much like your last one. I don't know yet the science behind it. Another one added to my to-do list.

    @fifi: Thanks. Well, only you can figure out a posting frequency that works best for you.

    @Roy: You have a hand in that, Roy. You gave me lots of helpful links that found their way into this post. It almost looked like a collaborative work, this post. Thanks a lot, Roy. I thought tweeting is the fastest in sending SOS and receiving help. But your ninja email moves is quite a surprise. Much appreciated.
  • yatot
    blog contests really eats up some precious time... i wish i could join one... but being in a publication company really requires time productivity... waaaahhh... and i wish i could blog more often no!
  • Roy
    quite a collection you got jan

    you really outdid yourself (again) this time.

    you really put great efforts in your posts Jan, that's why your getting all these good words.

    and you deserve all of them!

    keep it up.

    (hope I can have time to check some those you mentioned)
  • fifi
    wow, jan, very informative. thanks for people like you who enjoy sharing what they've learned fom some sites. now, if only i could switch off this embedded procrastination button within me to start writing posts again... nah,maybe later...
  • jojigirl
    The bohemian is taking a peek...then scrammed. She must be wearing her fave summer bikini - the itsy bitsy teeny weeny yello polka dot thing! I'm no material for blog contest, nor for bikini contest so I'm just staying put and fodder on your posts, contentedly, meantime. ",)
  • zorlone

    Thanks for understanding. I have to admit, my strongest subject is Biology. LOL!

    I read your "about me" page, and knowing that you are a journalist, well, made me a bit conscious with my written English! he he he.

  • Jan
    @zorlone: Your fingers doing just fine, zorlone. It's all right. Did not even notice it.

    Slip ups are okay. You can relax here and forget about your grammar teacher. I know I do - I have lots of errors than I care to admit. It's the idea, the message and sentiment that matters to me. It's just us anyway.

    So it's Jena. Thanks, Jena.
  • zorlone
    I have an error in my last message. It should be written as "dos." My fingers have pea-sized brains!!!

    That little singing bird, who according to you, "has good taste," is none other than JenaIsle of Gewgaw writings. She has been pointing me to the right direction since I started blogging. So, here I am too!

    I will comeback for more of your insightful and clever posts.

  • Jan
    @Dan: Thanks a lot, Dan. Isn't spring break just cool or what. More time for blogging and networking. Mighty pleased you've visited and graced us with a comment too.
  • Jan
    @bingkee: Thanks a lot, Bingkee. Wonderful suggestion. There's something to be said though about dismissing something like SEO after I've learned the rudiments at least. Unlike what I have been doing since day one - ignoring it entirely.

    I think I'm a natural in having fun. It seems like I'm obsessive compulsive about blogging but having fun with it at the same time sustains me. Will not forget that. Duly noted, Bingkee.

    @Brad: Hey, thanks. Will check out what Jacob is up to. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    @zorlone: The unlearning bit can be challenging too. Glad you brought that up.

    What a cool bird. And generous too and has good taste obviously. Kidding.

    Thanks a lot, zorlone.

    @Jena Isle: My conscience is bothering me because I still have not come up with something. It's my way of atoning for that sin of omission. Post-Lent style.

    @XP: It's Terry's idea - Ninja moves. Just appropriated it. I'd love to see you more of your ninja moves, XP.
  • I am Xprosaic
    Hmmm... nice! Ninja moves--- can i also apply some kicks for some 'word wars'?! jijijijijiji... Yet, there's still numerous things to learn when it comes to blogging... Depending on our intentions (money, etertainment, reflections, etc.) we'll just choose the path we are most comfortable with...
  • Jena Isle
    Hello Jan,

    Thanks for blogging about the soon-to-be-published book. I appreciate it a lot. I hope you'll accept my invitation too. I would be honored if you do.

    All the best.
  • zorlone
    My first time here. Wow! Good thing I listened when a little bird twitted about your site. I followed the musical trail and led me here. Isn't that fate?

    I am learning about blogging, do's and don'ts, yet, there are a million things to learn, and to unlearn.

    I will be visiting this interesting site of yours.

  • Dan Miranda
    Thank you for the mention! I appreciate it a ton and I'll continue to follow your excellent posts!
  • Brad Shorr
    Hi Jan, Contests are great. I've learned lots and met many fine bloggers thru contests on Word Sell and elsewhere. Don't know if you're familiar with Jacob Share's site -

    Great way to keep track of and publicize group projects. He's always looking for new contests to promote.
  • bingkee
    You're one helluva passionate blogger. I have never seen anyone who's into blog-writing than you. It was so thoughtful of you to share those contests and give-aways to your readers.
    Just a caution ....strive to be the best blogger that you can be , but don't stressed about doing over what you can do because you might miss the fun --which blogging is all about.

    Blogging originated from keeping a web journal and having fun doing it, not hurdling through all the razmatazz of SEO. SEO are for search engines ---popularly aimed for websites or blogs wanting to gain more income through blogging. Unless you want to make so much money from blogging, then you really need to study SEO and apply it all throughout your blogging process.
  • Jan
    @Emma: Thank you, Emma. I find these projects useful so I gave them a little push. I feel I have learned many things from Terry already from reading his blogs. But there must be something more in his bag of tricks. Good luck to you, too.
  • Emma Newman
    Not only did I enjoy this post, I found it so useful too. Thanks for taking the time to list these competitions and communities. And good luck with the Bloggity comp!
  • Jan
    @April: When I started blogging I found the word blog not only strange but disturbing. And ugly. But I've taken a liking to it now. I've put my blinders on and see it as interesting. It's something akin to what parents feel towards their children. They are all lovely despite evidence to the contrary.

    Yeah, SEO can be such a drag. I even suspected some people invented this to make blogs exclusive to a select few. Kidding.

    Thanks, April.
  • April Force Pardoe
    blog, blog, blog, blog, blog. The word sounds strange if you repeat it that many times.

    I love when you wrote "figuring out SEO without falling asleep in the attempt." I hear you!

    Thanks for this post.
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