25 Things I Wish You Did Not Know About Me

by Jan Geronimo on March 24, 2009

Fire on ice...!!!Image by Denis Collette…!!! via Flickr

Douglas Adams: “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”

Me: I love them, too. I don’t live my life, however, in complete terror of their approaching steps. Besides I have made a commitment to post every other day. I don’t like to give readers an excuse to expel a sigh of relief on account of me being tongue-tied.


So here goes, my list of 25 things I owe Dee ,Chuvaness , Yatot , and Bingkee .

1. I was born in September.

2. In Oriental Mindoro during the decade when man first landed on the moon.

3. Don’t snicker. Don’t ask me my age. You’ll not get far. Plurk did and I promptly deleted my account.

4. No writing genes in the family as far as I know. Maybe I can include my departed father who wrote like a man possessed during the last years of his life – because he needed to wage war against failing memory.

5. He called it his autobiography – accounts of his courtship of my mother, early family life, ghosts, “aswang“, and his life as a guerrilla in World War 2.

6. He might have been a better blogger than I could have ever been. He had such an interesting life and had that gift with people. He was a natural

7. whereas I have to be shoved to get myself seen in social gatherings.

8. My father had a great influence in my reading habits. Our home then was like a periodical section of a good sized library.

9. I did not know I can write until my senior year in high school. I was made editor of the school paper because the brilliant students were into more high profile clubs like boy/girl scouting and speech and drama clubs. Only a handful of useless dorks were left. Writing is a great equalizer for lonely dorks, I soon found out.

10. Did not see a hint of panic or sense of hopelessness in my journalism adviser. She chose us without flinching – could have been her devoutness at work there.

11. So I wrote and thought myself a writer. It suited me just fine because I was an introvert.

12. Studied Communication Arts/Journalism in college because it had the least number of mathematics subjects.

13. Got involved again with the college paper. Worked my way up the rung – from junior writer in my freshman year to editor in my last year in college.

14. Met Ayn Rand. Graham Greene. Somerset Maugham. John le Carre. And went to bed with all of them. My only concession to promiscuity.

15. Bought once the humongous War and Peace and carried it around campus like a proper prick. Never got around to reading it though.

16. Lost it to a niece who filched it from me. Maybe she used it to intimidate her male admirers. Not sure.

17. But somebody in college read a whole collection of Graham Greene on my account. No, the ploy did not work.

18. I had other things in mind. Like being alone. And being in love with chocnuts, coffee, beer, and lately – blogging.

19. I find blogging less intimidating. Unlike writing, don’t you think so, too?

20. I’ve been keeping alive the dream that I can write. Blogging does that to my head.

21. Maybe you will call that copping out if you’re a purist. Maybe it is. It is a terrible thing to realize you’re not equal to your dream after all.

22. But I don’t let it bother me too much. The sooner I realize it the better. At least I’ll know when it’s come staring me in the face.

23. Hold it – here’s a thought. May be this holds the clue why I’m so guarded about my age. I’m getting old and yet I have nothing to show for it. Whoa – terrible thought, that.

24. And here’s another thing – I still smoke. It’s not death wish. Gosh, I intend to write/blog as long as I can.

25. Because I consider this blog my surrogate child. And though this child can be such a pain in the ass sometimes, I can deal with it. I will stay the course. Meredith of Grey’s Anatomy says it best: “That knowing is better than wondering, that waking is better than sleeping, and even the biggest failure, even the worst, beat the hell out of never trying.”

That’s all, folks. Unfortunately, I’m not passing this to anybody. Help yourself to it if you must.

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  • Roy
    hahaha! just digging deep Jan... it's in the related posts anyway...

    so your birthday's in September... the council should know about this! ;)
  • Waaaah. This is my uh-oh moment, I guess. :)
  • marci
    why life?didn't you spill some beans on your love
  • hi Jan. It's my first time here. I read from your profile that you're from Pinamalayan. Taga Romblon kasi ako kaya dumadaan kami sa Wawa, at saka marami rin kaming relatives sa Pinamalayan, hehe, wala lang.

    Ang hirap sagutin ng 25 Things na ito. Ako nga 7 things lang di ko pa masagutan. Mahirap kasi kapag wala na akong maisagot. Hindi ako writer pero lagi akong may writer's block. :D
  • Jan
    @Jena Isle: I'm sorry the notification for this comment was late. Just received it this morning.

    Thanks for the compliment, Jena.

    I'd think hard on what to contribute to your collection. Thanks for the invite. ",)

    It's so hard maintaining a blog. Writing I have no problem with, but the networking thing is time consuming. And of course, there's Twitter. That's why I have no time for entrecard. I'd rather comment on the blogs I visit. It's more leisurely. If I have a card to drop I'd feel like a postman or something. And my comments might suffer. lol.

    Pardon me, I'm so old school. hehehe.

    Thanks for this visit and the lovely comment.
  • Jena Isle
    "IN August..." I mean. Sorry for that.
  • Jena Isle
    Hello Jan,

    I enjoyed this tremendously. You're a superb writer! I always marvel at how you play effortlessly with words. Then when I read this, I said "Aha! kaya pala!" You've been writing all your life.

    I would have studied journalism too, if my mother's wishes have not been followed. But, I didn't want to be called a black sheep then, so I obeyed like a good child. Now, that I'm older, I went back to my passion -writing.

    If you were born on that "moon era", I was born when Elvis was just starting to get popular....he he he...I'm way older than you are..lol...

    But does it matter? Writing is a medium for anyone.

    I've been a subscriber of your blog for some time now and I can see your passion in writing. I'm about to self-publish a book on August. I would be delighted if you can be part of it. I have already 15 stories, I still need 5 more. Any inspirational story that could bring a positive message to readers, would do. Not less than 1,000 words. I usually award 5,000 entrecard credits to the blogger.

    But since, I can't see any EC widget in your blog, I would like to know what you think about it.
    Thanks and I look forward for your thoughts on this. Happy Easter in advance.
  • Jan
    @fifi: I don't have a phobia in math. I just find it boring - what can I say. :)

    Let's not talk about Kindle-2. My heart races every time I talk about Kindle. LOL.

    Fiennes and Weisz are both fine actors, but le carre books are even more sublime.

    Do I have to post it? I think it's automatically linked in Facebook. :)
  • fifi
    could relate to:

    1. math phobia (i remember my math 1 teacher pronouncing 'snoopy' as snopy when teaching about sets. he wouldn't let me go home because i was included in the list of those who badly needed math tutorials in my first sem in college (shame))
    2. who is john galt?
    3. douglas adams (i've only his ebooks, im poor. (that's why i bumped into this blog when you first discussed the kindle (am dying to have one at this moment)
    4. i see ralph fiennes and rachel weisz upon the mention of le carre

    so have you posted this yet in facebook?
  • Jan
    @dede: Thanks, buddy. duly noted. :)

    @elmot: And I thought you were the outgoing type. hahaha. It must be because of your avatar and your commenting prowess. :) Well, we just make the best of what we've been dealt with. Solitude is good for blogging and writing. Fair enough for me.
  • elmot
    cheers for us jan at number 18!!!!

    sorry for the late visit here on your blog. i am an introvert man too, jst watch tv, read books and sleep with all of them, have my blogging...and that is it, life is already a roller-coaster ride for elmot!
  • dede
    Hi Jan, nice to meet you here again.
    Regarding eBay, here I am in singapore.

    I ever sold some electronic device such printer, handphone etc. and a bought some stuffs as well. to be user i just sign up and start selling or buying!

    Payment can be done cash, money tranfer to bank account, or using western union. i rent mover to deliver the items. or set meeting point for light stuff, like hp etc.

    i guess ebay in the Philippines, if you have stuff to sell, it good to have other source of online income!

    Success for you bro!
  • Jan
    @earthlingorgeous: As regards deadlines you have set for yourself: no one's checking, no one is holding you accountable if you miss one, but deep inside you feel a little guilty right? Hahaha. I'm speaking for myself of course.

    Did I lead you on? hahaha. Ooops...Hey, we each have our set of fave authors. That's okay.
  • earthlingorgeous
    Yup at #19 I find blogging less intimidating. Freestyle, no editors no deadlines :)

    LOL @ #14 I though you were giving true confessions or something until number 17 (I am not a bookworm so I don't know them! Shame on me!)
  • Jan
    @malen: you can say that again. I feel like a dinosaur. but hey, age and aging is a state of mind. And I make up for it by being childish...er childlike. :)

    Thanks for dropping by. :)
  • chuvaness
    waaaaaah 1920 ka pinanganak??? charing lang

    when i grow up, i want to be a good writer like you hahahha

    thanks for doing the tag

  • Jan
    @James: Thanks, buddy. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Pssst - the first version was a lot darker and soggy. Good thing I did away with it. hahaha.

    @Jade: I'm a Virgo. Like Marcos. hahaha.

    @lemuel: Try The Power and the Glory. Or The Quiet American. Or even The Burn-Out Case. They are all good. :)

    I should have been born on the decade that the internet was born. Would like to hoard all the blogging, twittering time in the world. hahaha.

    @joji: I thought no one would notice that. Was hoping rather. Hays, can't get past your x-ray vision. hahaha.
  • jojigirl
    Hmmm...ka dekada pala kita ha,pero alam ko ahead ako sa you 4 years,hehe, nanghuhula pa si Manang. Ung #24 mo nga haaaay, malulungkot ako dya an.
  • lemuel
    hi, great list! medyo bitin nga lang, parang hindi 25...... its like a paragraph that you put numbers on it... hehehe, anyway, i never tried graham greene, what title do you recommend best? and why don't you like about age, don't you believe the saying that men gets better when they age? men are slow to mature, unlike women, that when we mature, women are light years away from us.
  • I am Xprosaic
    So you must be virgo?!Hehehehehehe... on the other hand, I love math! jijijijiji...It's fun really! Anyhow, thanks for sharing to us a piece of you... jijijijijij
  • James
    It is helpful to enumerate the list of things in our lives to help us better commune with our own self and to realize we are enjoying ourselves even if few of those we're often coy of mentioning. It is difficult for an introvert to realize the joy of self when not manifested by others; like a man can hardly say it's an elephant when he's standing so close to it. Writing keeps the phase that magnets our self to the face of our own inclusion.

    I can say you are creative in sorting the matters of your self. Especially, when counting your blessings. From the things pointed out, it's blessings after another. A matter of feeling when we are married to our thoughts - in writing. Keep it up Jan.

    And, no nothings going on serious - yet. hehee; Status Quo... just been bizi. I still have time to pamper my blog. :D
  • Jan
    @Dee: Thanks to instant edit. I have corrected the post already. LOL. Good you pointed it out. :)

    I owned several Ayn Rand. Friends liked them so much they never returned my copies.
  • Dee
    This is very good writing. And nice knowing more things about you, too.

    Oh, Ayn Rand... Like Ayn Rand too. Never in a million years will I forget Ayn Rand.:D

    By the way, I tagged you with this too, you know. Guessed you missed it. :D
  • Jan
    @yatot: trimmed the list of authors in # 14. Lots of them in fact. But I don't want to look like an a-hole for parading them here. LOL

    I don't do #15 anymore. But I'd be glad to see you in action - that will be one hilarious video. Let's?
  • yatot
    i never met the people from number 14 before... but if i do, i probably would do or commit number 15 on your list! wahhhahahha... i'll be doing this tag on my facebook soon! maybe later... nyahahhaha...
  • Jan
    @enhenyero: Well, I love twisting things around to suit my taste. :)

    @bingkee: Thanks for writing then - evens up the score a little for us.
  • bingkee
    We're on the same on number 12---Math 11 was still elusive.
    But I don't think writing is for dorks. I was not a dork at high school but I did dorky things in high school.
  • enhenyero
    hindi naman 25 things to ah, nilagyan mo lang ng numbers, lol

    23. i hate it when someone ask me..

    tol link kita, you may do so if you want.
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